At Gorge Wildcraft, we believe healthy people are happy people, and happy people make happy communities.”

“Amazing and very fragrant vanilla mint soap! We love it!”

“Wonderful soap!”

“Wonderful soap and friendly service. The soap lasts a long time, even with daily use. We were able to get plastic-free packaging too!”

“This body balm feels so good when applying to your body. I have some scars from operations and this balm is making them look so much better. The smell is so I love the lavender. I will definitely be ordering more, if you haven’t tried this it is definitely worth it. It came very quickly within one week, very happy with this product and the seller.”

“It’s been quite the journey to find a natural aluminum free deodorant that doesn’t make me smell like a skunk! Seriously I probably have 10 brands from Tom’s to Desert Essence to kiss my face and NONE have done the trick! I actually smell better without the ‘hippy’ deodorant. But alas i found my true love!!!! Good job Gorge Wildcraft I’m so impressed. I actually made a bet that it wouldn’t work … I lost.”

“I searched all over for a soap that wouldn’t irritate my overly sensitive skin while still helping my rosacea. I’ve tried many home made soaps but none compare to these. I’ve been using for a couple of years and occasionally try a different brand of home soap … none has come close to Gorge Wildcraft.”