“Handcrafted soap, skin care and bath products
using pure essential oils, plant-based ingredients

and beeswax grown in Oregon’s Columbia Gorge”


Introducing The Hiker Box!

A carefully chosen selection of spa-quality natural skin care products for enjoying the great outdoors, completely biodegradable, in convenient reusable ultralight packaging.

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The art of herbal medicine is a craft that dates back many thousands of years. Early humans used plants to treat common ailments, and throughout history botanical ingredients have been harvested, studied and put to use.

We combine the traditions of the past with the technology of modern times to reap the ultimate benefits that nature has to offer.

We are a small family company. All of our products are handmade with pure essential oils and local beeswax grown in Oregon’s Columbia Gorge. We use fresh-dried herbs from our farmstead and use organic and cold-pressed oils whenever possible.

We specialize in skin care products for babies and new mamas, for serious gardeners and outdoor types, and for people with sensitive skin and allergies. Our goat milk soap is soft and moisturizing, lathers well and is completely biodegradable. We accept custom order requests to meet your specific needs, contact us for details!

We are not doctors or medical professionals, but gardeners and herbalists. We aim to nourish health, vitality and quality of life. This information is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure disease. Please consult with your health practitioner if you suspect any serious illness.

“At Gorge Wildcraft, we believe healthy people are happy people,
and happy people make happy communities.”